Welcome to HeyFood!
The UK's Premium Healthy Food Delivery & Meal Prep Service
Ethically sourced ingredients prepared by our award winning chef
Freshly delivered to you every Tuesday
Great tasting meals
All with 40G of protein and FREE UK delivery

Hello! Welcome to HeyFood

The UK’s Premium Healthy Food Delivery & Meal Prep Company

We’re here to help you to eat clean, achieve your health goals and make eating hassle free.
Quality is our guarantee and you can also enjoy the following:

Order before 1pm Sunday for delivery on Tuesday


Our meals are protein rich with over 40g per serving

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Why HeyFood?

Healthy eating can be a really challenging task can’t it? It’s time consuming, laborious and never tastes as good. That’s where HeyFood can change your life, forever
Within the rolling green hills of South West Wales HeyFood are pioneering a new standard at the forefront of the healthy ready made meals market.
Using only the very freshest produce, with the likes of Celtic Pride grass fed beef, locally sourced organic vegetables and other natural ingredients HeyFood have created a menu of healthy meals perfect for those who need fast food, which tastes amazing yet makes losing weight easy.
Our highly trained chefs have created some astonishing recipes which will leave you wanting more, after the first mouthful. Whether you prefer natural satay chicken or fajita beef, we’ve got it for you. We only use natural ingredients to ensure purity and quality.
All of our meals pack at least 40g of premium protein, only contain low GI carbohydrates and are also very rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Our ordering is simple!

Lets us take care of your nutrition for you. No stress, no worries. High quality nutrition delivered to your door each week. Being healthy has never been easier

  • Mix and match food options to your specific macros
  • Meals expertly prepared by our award winning chef
  • Packaged and sent to your door to consume within 5 days

As soon as you click “order” on our website your meals are delivered within 3 days, ready to go straight into your fridge. Whenever you need to eat, all you have to do is warm the meals up in the microwave and you’re good to go, it is that simple!

All our meals have over 40g of Protein

We ensure all our meals are protein packed whilst keeping fat and carbohydrate under control so you don’t have to.

  • All products meet quality standards
  • Responsible Farming & Sustainability
  • High quality sources

What our customers say

  • Eating enough protein per day has always been a challenge for me, Heyfood make this a dream. High protein meals straight to my door so I can focus my time on my training and other ventures.

    Joshua Patterson
    Joshua Patterson Made in Chelsea
  • Love the quality of these meals and especially the high protein content. Having 40g+ of protein per meal has made it super easy to put on muscle whilst focusing on other areas of my life.

    Scott Flear
    Scott Flear Rugby Warfare
  • Eating out everyday at Tesco took its tole at work. Having quality nutrition each day has put me in the best mental and physical condition of my life.

    Tim Jones
  • It's unreal how much easier HeyFood makes my busy lifestyle. High protein meals delivered to my doorstep. It's made improving my strength and physique far easier.

    Ryan Libbey
    Ryan Libbey Made in Chelsea

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